Corporate Social Responsibility


» Uche Miracle, Student (Labour Prefect), Kuramo Senior College
Verod Foundation has impacted me in so many ways via my career choice and my school subjects. Verod Foundation has taught me to have passion in whatsoever I want to do.

» John Jonas, Student, Kuramo Senior College
Career Talk- Since the program, I am able to follow the right way to achieve success. It has helped me to make plans on my own.

» Domiho Sena, Student, Kuramo Senior College
Verod Foundation has been of great help to the students. Apart from quiz, lessons and so on, I think a program should be organised for students with talent. Verod Foundation has helped me to discover a lot. Yes it has impacted a lot in me.

» Uyi Bridget, Student, Kuramo Senior College
My opinion for Verod Foundation is that they have been a helping hand to my school and I. Verod Foundation has been very connective to everyone in my school in terms of organizing excursions, spelling bees. quiz and other programs. They have impacted in every way by giving me the opportunity to go to places that I have never been before. The career program was good guidance for all of us.

» Balogun Samsideen Abiodun, Teacher, Kuramo Junior College
Verod Foundation Career Talk is an educative and informative session that solves the problem of career choice being experience by a lot of students. It transforms and guides students in choosing their right career and how to develop their careers.

» Odeh Mathew Okita, School Lesson Tutor, Kuramo Junior College
For any Nation to experience growth and development, human capital investment must be considered. Verod Foundation plays a role in growth and development of the nation by providing after school lessons for the pupils. This program has helped impact the tutors and pupils especially in the area of research and development.

» B.N. Aigbogun, Principal Assistant Education Office/ English teacher, Kuramo Junior College
The program is an appropriate one, in that it helped to keep the students occupied and it really had an impact on them. The tutor attached to me is very effective and hardworking.

» G.O. Adejimo, Education Officer/ Math teacher, Kuramo Junior Secondary School
It is a laudable program that has a good impact on the students. The tutor attached to me really proved his worth and is highly commended. I wish the program can be expanded to accommodate other subjects.

» Uche Miracle, Student, Kuramo Senior College
Verod Foundation programs have given me a lifetime experience. I have learnt a lot; the foundation thinks about the future of the youths.

» Ogaga Sunday, Student, Kuramo Senior College
Verod Foundation programs have impacted on me academically, mentally and physically. I thank them for the knowledge and insight.

» Alebiosu Olukayode, Teacher, Kuramo Senior College
The programs are fantastic and very impactful. It has really impacted on the lives of the students and the teachers alike.